Aquarian moon days

The waxing moon is in airy Aquarius until early (very early) Sunday morning.


This is not a touchy-feely moon. ‘We’re thinking more than feeling now, ‘ says Linda Rose, ‘And the tone is pleasantly detached.’

Personally, I’m very pleased. After all this big-planet ‘who am I’ stuff that’s been going on, I for one could do with a little detachment. A little distance. Some time out, basically, from the endless emotional ‘gnaahhhh’! I hope this moon delivers…

I have another reason for being pleased: my own natal moon is in Aquarius, so this is my ‘moon return’. Roughly every month the moon returns to the sign that it was in when we were born. The moon speaks to us of our emotional needs, so when the moon is in our natal moon sign we’re likely ‘in tune’ with the feel of the day. It comes naturally to us.

So what’s a Moon in Aquarius person like? ‘Individualistic, eccentric, unpredictable, and (I say this affectionately and admiringly) part alien, moon in Aquarius people are…different’, says Linda Rose. I have a couple of Aquarian Moon friends (one of them is my Aquarian Moon husband) and this definitely rings true. I’d go almost as far as to say that individuality is a point of pride.

At the same time, Aquarian moons have a deep interest in the collective – their intellectual concern for Humanity, Our Planet, and The World is experienced on a very personal, internal level. Aquarian moons strive to live by their ideals. ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ is the ultimate Aquarian Moon motto. For me, living this way equates to emotional nourishment.

In truth, I haven’t paid much attention to my ‘Moon return’ before – so I’m taking these few Aquarian moon days as a little experiment…

Photo courtesy of Matteo ‘Peach’ Pescarin


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