Mercury retrograde

Here we go again…  Mercury is retrograde 24 September until 15 October, in the sign of Libra. 

Mercury retrograde is commonly understood as a time we’ll more-than-likely experience some form of communication problems, telecommunication snafus and travel mixups.  You’ve probably heard that already – there’s stuff written all over the web about it (probably coz it’s true). 

For a deeper take on this Mercury retro, check out Rob Tillet’s article on the topic.  Example: ‘When Mercury is retrograde’, he says, ‘Everyone’s thinking is more introspective and we tend to think about issues and concerns which relate to the sign involved’.   So in this case we are likely to be pondering such Libran issues as manipulation, dependency, laziness, ‘sponging’ and the like… as well as such higher concerns as balance, unification, cooperation and aspirations

I can’t help but think this will be intensified by the entry of Libra’s ruling planet Venus into intense, transformative Scorpio – also scheduled for 24 September.*  Coincidence?  I think not!

(Does any the above – my subtly highlighted keywords, for example – strike a chord for you?  If so, do tell!)

In actuality, the degree to which you’ll feel these and other Mercury retro effects (positively and/or negatively – yep, Mercury retro can be positive!) depends on a number of factors in your natal chart – including the position and aspects of Mercury, and the prominence of or number of planets in Libra as well as the other cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer and Capricorn). 

The discord we feel during Mercury retro often stems from our own inner struggle to ‘hold on’ to our own fixed ideas of how things ‘should’ be – our self-constructed patterns of thought, speech and interaction with others.  ‘Mercury sets out to restructure our thinking processes and for many of us this is painful and frustrating,’ Rob says.  To make this Mercury work for you, it’s worth at least trying to go with the flow.
*Update: For more on Venus in Scorpio, check out Molly Hall’s post on the subject…


3 Responses to “Mercury retrograde”

  1. 1 aello 24 September 2008 at 6:17 pm

    Transiting Mars and Mercury in Libra and Venus in Scorpio are all hovering in my eighth house messing with my natal Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Aries in the second. Big changes happening for me. My current significant relationship has been in a ‘grey area’ for just over a month, triggered by the recent lunar eclipse affecting my Leo Moon but complicated by transiting Pluto’s square to my partner’s Sun. I’m blaming (and also thanking) Mars, Mercury and Venus being in indecisive Libra that it is still unresolved. With Venus’s move into Scorpio though, I’m expecting some action in October.

    And soon, so very soon, I’ll receive confirmation of my divorce in the post – it seems fitting that news of the dissolving of a legal relationship contract will occur during Mercury retrograde. Property and finances finally settled as well. Everything seems to be taking an unnecessarily long time – definitely learning lessons of patience and perseverance there.

    Thanks for keeping an eye on the skies.

  2. 2 donna@dreamscopes 24 September 2008 at 7:00 pm

    Thanks for stopping by Aello! It is so helpful to hear what other people are experiencing. Reading your thoughtful application of astrological influences to your current situation makes your comment doubly rewarding.

    You are indeed in the midst of far-reaching life changes and challenges in your life. Some big planetary players and aspects there too. It sounds awfully like Saturn’s gotta be in the mix somewhere… Your wording re: lessons of patience and perseverence sounds like it was spoken by the Lord of Karma himself 😉

    Keep fighting the good fight. It sure will be interesting to see what Venus in Scorpio brings. Keep me posted!

  3. 3 Aello 27 September 2008 at 7:30 pm

    Yep, Saturn is amongst it. He’s just poked his head above the horizon in my 7th house.

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