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Goodbye Paul

After spending the weekend in my own little bubble, sans news from outside, I woke up this morning to find that Paul Newman is no longer in this world.

Now that I’ve started to write this post, I realise I have no words… thankfully I can refer you to Genevieve Salerno & Eric Francis’s post instead. After an examination of several key factors in his chart (including his Aquarian Sun, Pisces Moon and Capricorn ascendant), they conclude thusly:

“Of course, none of this explains a life as authentic and as meaningful as Newman’s. Many factors contributed to who he was, just as much as he contributed to the world. If you want to thank astrology, you have to first remember that he is someone who chose to live out his chart, and to take his quest for his own identity — and his reality — as if it were something worth bothering with. We can learn from that as much as we can learn from his philanthropy.”

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Aquarian moon days

The waxing moon is in airy Aquarius until early (very early) Sunday morning.


This is not a touchy-feely moon. ‘We’re thinking more than feeling now, ‘ says Linda Rose, ‘And the tone is pleasantly detached.’

Personally, I’m very pleased. After all this big-planet ‘who am I’ stuff that’s been going on, I for one could do with a little detachment. A little distance. Some time out, basically, from the endless emotional ‘gnaahhhh’! I hope this moon delivers…

I have another reason for being pleased: my own natal moon is in Aquarius, so this is my ‘moon return’. Roughly every month the moon returns to the sign that it was in when we were born. The moon speaks to us of our emotional needs, so when the moon is in our natal moon sign we’re likely ‘in tune’ with the feel of the day. It comes naturally to us.

So what’s a Moon in Aquarius person like? ‘Individualistic, eccentric, unpredictable, and (I say this affectionately and admiringly) part alien, moon in Aquarius people are…different’, says Linda Rose. I have a couple of Aquarian Moon friends (one of them is my Aquarian Moon husband) and this definitely rings true. I’d go almost as far as to say that individuality is a point of pride.

At the same time, Aquarian moons have a deep interest in the collective – their intellectual concern for Humanity, Our Planet, and The World is experienced on a very personal, internal level. Aquarian moons strive to live by their ideals. ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ is the ultimate Aquarian Moon motto. For me, living this way equates to emotional nourishment.

In truth, I haven’t paid much attention to my ‘Moon return’ before – so I’m taking these few Aquarian moon days as a little experiment…

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Lunar eclipse in Aquarius

A lunar eclipse is similar to a full moon, Lynda Hill explains, but much much stronger.  Also longer lasting – we could feel the effects for nine months or even more.

So the lunar eclipse this weekend (exact 7:16am Sunday) is important.  It’s at at 24 Aquarius 21, and Neptune (planet of illusion) is only a couple of degrees away.  Also nearby are Chiron (the wounded healer) and the North Node (the future). 

I’ve been reading a bit about what all this means and the consensus seems to be: discard anything (physical, emotional, spiritual) you no longer need or want in your life.  You can’t make room for anything new and great until you clear out all the old crap.  Surround yourself activities and people that feed, motivate and extend you.  Prioritise these people and experiences over those that numb and paralyse you.  Prepare yourself for something new and wonderful to enter your life.  Then actually do what it takes to make it happen!

As a write this it occurs to me that it might be useful to draw up two lists – one headed ‘Discard’ and the other ‘Create’.  This is what mine would look like:

Discard: fear, envy, anger, worry, sloth.

Create: joy, energy, space, calm, compassion.

All very Aquarian big-picture lofty goalish, don’t you agree?  Of course there are specific activities I’ll need to undertake to make this happen.  Luckily for me, Saturn is in GTD Virgo right now – and, as a friend pointed out only yesterday, Saturn rewards hard work with steady progress.  All the ingredients are there for us to live to our best potential.  No excuses!!

One last thing: the Sun is still in Leo and, as Mystic Medusa says: ‘detaching and having a good giggle at the follies of your ego where appropriate could be good medicine for this moon’. 


For some great lunar eclipse tips (much more specific and practical than mine) – check out Linda Rose’s post on the topic.

Between the eclipses

Right now we’re in the space between two eclipses: the 1 August total solar eclipse at 9 Leo 32 and the upcoming partial lunar eclipse at 24 Aquarius 21 on Sunday 17 August (exact at 7:16 am).

Probably I should have blogged about the Leo solar eclipse earlier – but frankly I was fully occupied with simply keeping my head above water (the eclipse activated my natal Saturn at 10 Leo 31 – ouch.)  

Eclipses are about new beginnings.  Changes.  Who are you? asks Astrobarry.  Yep, it’s that fundamental.  We’re offered the opportunity to look at how we present ourselves to the world, he says, and how that integrates with who we really are inside.  (An aside: the conjunction with my natal Saturn may help me here, now that I think of it – I seem to remember that one of Saturn’s greatest gifts – and challenges – is to harmonise the inner and the outer worlds.)

This is a good time to evaluate your life and decide what stuff (emotions, attitudes, beliefs) you want to carry forward, and what you want to discard.  As always, we get out what we put in.  This eclipse, according to Mystic Medusa, ‘You know you’re doing it right if you’re feeling LEONIC… determined to be all brave and beautiful as you push through SOME sort of dazzling change, new start or stance.’

The solar eclipse is just the first of this eclipse set.  The lunar eclipse this week will offer clues as to how the scenario will play out, says Julie Demboski.  She also warns that the space between the eclipses will likely be fraught with tension.  With the solar eclipse in Leo, and the lunar in Aquarius, the question is: will we run with our own needs, or those of the group?  The lunar eclipse in Aquarius will conjunct Neptune and, as Sparrow Moon points out, this will increase our sensitivity and worries.  It will also enhance intuition – listen calmly and, above all, don’t panic!

Linda Rose called the day of the eclipse ‘the first day of the rest of your life’.  Eclipses are not just one ‘big bang’ creating the ‘new you’ – although the event is strongly felt, the influences linger for some time after the actual event (as well as being building up beforehand).  We’ll be feeling the effects of these eclipses until the next set in January/Febuary 2009

So, what’s it been like for you so far?  Feel free to share…

The enemy within

Commenting on my last post, an insightful reader by the name of Rebecca Leigh discussed the incredible pressures we feel to conform to the expectations of our ‘nearest and dearest’.

I’m glad she did.  Although I have referred several times to the pressure our culture places on us to conform, I confess that I have been avoiding the issue when it comes to friends and family. 

Steven Forrest talks of ‘agents within the city walls, spies whose task it is to open up the gates from the inside’. They are our friends and family members. Often they are our parents. They love us, sure. They want the best for us. But that is a far cry from saying they understand us.

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Today’s lesson

I was lucky to join a fabulous group of women at a recent Moon Circle, guided with great compassion and skill by my astrology teacher Babula.

Through the lens of my Aquarian Moon, I saw myself and my patterns of behaviour in a whole new light. It was amazing. What’s more, I felt a strong sense that this is what astrology is all about. The chart as tool for self-understanding. A way to, if you will, think outside the box. To break free, if only for a moment, from ingrained patterns of thought.

My natal chart (the map of the sky as seen from the Earth at the moment of my birth) shows my Moon in Aquarius. The Moon rules watery Cancer and is tactile, associated with the mother, intimacy, the inner child. By looking to the sign in which the Moon was located at our time of birth, we can start to understand our inner life and emotional needs.

What, then, are the emotional needs of Aquarius, a fixed air sign ruled by renegade Uranus? Aquarius typically functions ‘in the mind’ and can be detached, intellectual – even emotionally cold. ‘Aquarius finds his reality in his ideals’ says Liz Greene. Aquarians are often frightened by their feelings because emotions cannot be intellectually understood or reasoned away. However much you try.
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