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Making the most of the Aries moon

It so happens that my first post is being written with the moon in Aries. A friend of mine said yesterday: ‘Doesn’t it feel good to just say what you like, do what you like, and make things happen for a change?’ And as my astrology teacher says, Aries shouts ‘I’m here! Let’s start something!’. Why resist?

Add all the Mercury action that’s going on right now (Mercury’s all about language and communication) and starting a blog kind of makes sense. (I’m conveniently glossing over the fact that Mercury is retrograde – it’s my first post, cut me some slack!)

Tomorrow night (at 8:20pm, by my Moon Diary) the moon moves into practical Taurus. I encourage you to make the most of fiery Aries to get something started, and let Taurus work through the details later. It could be something truly grandiose, or something small and fun. Whatever it is, go ahead – sign up for the adventure.