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New Moon in Cancer

Today both the Sun and New Moon are in Cancer (exact at around midday). Remember that the moon rules Cancer – so this placement feels something like coming home.

The New Moon is a time of growth and beginnings – I for one am looking forward to ‘moving ahead’ after a few weeks of waning energy. I only wish I’d taken the time to clean out my wardrobe during the dark moon! If you haven’t already, there is still time this morning unclutter a few cupboards, or free some mental clutter via journalling, or some such.

A couple more points about the New Moon in Cancer:

This is apparently a very fertile time – if you are trying to conceive, give it a go. Otherwise, use protection!

And I know I’ve said it before (I’m sounding like a nagging mother now, how appropriate!) – but seriously, look after yourself. You’ll feel a lot better for it.


Venus in Cancer

Venus joined the Sun in Cancer recently, and will be there until 13 July. At their best, Cancer is all lovely-nurturing-motherly-warm, and Venus shows us the beauty and pleasure of emotional self-care. So – take a leaf out of Astrobarry’s book and draw on these loving, motherly, feminine energies to take some RnR time.

Switch off the tv and listen to some soothing music. Take a warm scented bath. Book a massage. Go for a walk in the gentle wintry sunshine. Substitute healthful, nurturing food for that greasy takeaway. Snuggle with your loved one (be they significant other, family member, animal companion or best friend). Whatever your pleasure might be – give yourself permission, and then do it. I cannot emphasise this enough!

Rest is not laziness,
or torpor,
or sloth.
Rest is the arms of creation
around us,
holding us gently,
It is the place of the womb.

Molly Vass

So – go forth and rest! You deserve it.

About Cancer

The sun moves into Cancer on or around on 21 June each year, where it will remain until around 22 July. After the dizzying search for truth ‘out there’ that is Gemini, we turn inwards. ‘A mammoth subjectivity animates this phase of the zodiac’, says Steven Forrest. To Cancer, ‘the fabric of the world… is feelings.’

The symbol for Cancer is the crab. The body of the crab is soft and squishy, defenceless. The crab must grow a shell to protect himself. ‘He must grow a wall between himself and nature’, Forrest says. ‘He is too delicate to protect himself otherwise.’
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The Winter Solstice and such

Mercury stationed direct at 12:31 this morning. So – Mercury retrograde is officially over. Before you breathe a sigh of relief – ‘You do know that a planet’s retrograde cycle is most powerful as it stations direct or retro, do you not?’ says Mystic Medusa. Well, no – but now I do! Relief is in sight though – and today we have the practical Cap moon to help us along.

Onto the big astrological happenings over the weekend: basically, there are too many for my little brain to process! The (extremely) edited highlights: the Sun leaves chatty Gemini for motherly Cancer on Saturday morning. However, the moon is void-of-course all day Saturday, moving into Aquarius at around 7:30pm. So – think twice before making that big purchase, signing any important documents, or generally making decisions that you want to ‘take’.

Also on Saturday – and I am v. excited about this! – the Winter Solstice! AKA Yule, AKA the Shortest Night of the Year – from here on in, the days are lengthening, the darkness is receding, and the promise of spring (new beginnings) is in the air. Also – not waking up/coming home in darkness! Not now, sure, but soon! Bring it on!