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Friday the 13th

Personally on a Friday I find it hard to be anything other than chuffed (being, as I have mentioned previously, a 9-5 drone).

How, then, do I feel about Friday the 13th? Still chuffed, basically – you see, it’s really not a bad thing.

Thirteen was for many years considered a powerful and special number. It is a sacred goddess number, and a prime number (divisible only by itself and one). It is associated with the lunar cycle, there being thirteen full moons in a year. Meantime, Friday is associated with Venus (the word comes from Frida, the Norse Venus).

So, lots of good, powerful, feminine associations there. Which explains why the Christian patriarchy was never going to get on board. Result: the number thirteen is now regarded with suspicion, and Friday the thirteenth considered of the most unlucky days of the year.

Until early Saturday morning EST the moon is in lovely Libra, who is ruled by – you guessed it – Venus. Think: tranquility, beauty, sensibility.

And while I know we are still in Mercury retrograde and am vaguely aware of some other odd influences upcoming (Venus and the Sun square Uranus, I think, in the next couple of days) – this Friday the thirteenth, I’m gonna be reclining somewhere, sensuously, drinking all the good vibes in.

When I knock off work, of course!