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Full moon in Capricorn

The moon entered the sign of Capricorn yesterday, as we approach the Cappy Full Moon on Friday (exact at 6:00pm). 

We often associate this, the last of the earth signs, with ambition, materialism and a hunger for power.  Not to mention a certain stiff-necked up-tight-ness.  This however is Capricorn’s shadow; his endpoint, Steven Forrest explains, is integrity and solitude.  Other Capricorn positives include practicality and dedication. 

In the leadup to this Full Moon, take a leaf from Good Cap’s book.  Treat people fairly.  Do something useful.  Be dignified. 

And if you can’t get down to earth figuratively, why not do it literally?  We’re talking about the Sea-Goat here – so a walk on the beach, toes in sand, would be perfect if you can manage it.  Failing that, grounding yourself out in nature – in any way you can – will go a long way this Capricorn Full Moon.