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Today’s lesson

I was lucky to join a fabulous group of women at a recent Moon Circle, guided with great compassion and skill by my astrology teacher Babula.

Through the lens of my Aquarian Moon, I saw myself and my patterns of behaviour in a whole new light. It was amazing. What’s more, I felt a strong sense that this is what astrology is all about. The chart as tool for self-understanding. A way to, if you will, think outside the box. To break free, if only for a moment, from ingrained patterns of thought.

My natal chart (the map of the sky as seen from the Earth at the moment of my birth) shows my Moon in Aquarius. The Moon rules watery Cancer and is tactile, associated with the mother, intimacy, the inner child. By looking to the sign in which the Moon was located at our time of birth, we can start to understand our inner life and emotional needs.

What, then, are the emotional needs of Aquarius, a fixed air sign ruled by renegade Uranus? Aquarius typically functions ‘in the mind’ and can be detached, intellectual – even emotionally cold. ‘Aquarius finds his reality in his ideals’ says Liz Greene. Aquarians are often frightened by their feelings because emotions cannot be intellectually understood or reasoned away. However much you try.
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What are our dreams? What’s holding us back?

During my astrological browsings this morning, I discovered that this week Jupiter sesquisquared Saturn (Thursday evening EST). A sesquisquare, or sesquiquadrate, is three times the semisquare, resulting in an angle of 135°.

So – what does that mean? A thought-provoking post on Inspiredastrology says that, because the two planets govern the workings of society (Jupiter = hope and Saturn = rules), this sesquisquare highlights our attempts to balance personal goals with our responsibilities and obligations. ‘The rules, as you’ve always followed them, may seem especially limiting and off-course. There may be something else you need to be doing for your future success, yet you already have an obligation.’
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