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Winding down

The moon is waning and we are winding down with it. Until late (late) Friday it’s waning in Leo; by the time we wake up on Saturday it will have moved into Virgo.

As usual, this is a good time to declutter and complete projects in time for the next lunar cycle. The Virgo influence makes the process easier and more effective (perhaps even oddly enjoyable). Don’t knock yourself out though – physical preparations are important but we also need to rest up and gather our thoughts.

Personally, it’s been a rough week. If you’re feeling knocked around too, take heart – the weekend is the perfect time to withdraw into your own space, lick your wounds, and prepare for a brand new tomorrow.

Monday’s new moon is in Libra (the sun having moved into Libra earlier this week). For those out there who are Libran suns, Monday is your power day. Enjoy.

Photo by James Jordan


Between the eclipses

Right now we’re in the space between two eclipses: the 1 August total solar eclipse at 9 Leo 32 and the upcoming partial lunar eclipse at 24 Aquarius 21 on Sunday 17 August (exact at 7:16 am).

Probably I should have blogged about the Leo solar eclipse earlier – but frankly I was fully occupied with simply keeping my head above water (the eclipse activated my natal Saturn at 10 Leo 31 – ouch.)  

Eclipses are about new beginnings.  Changes.  Who are you? asks Astrobarry.  Yep, it’s that fundamental.  We’re offered the opportunity to look at how we present ourselves to the world, he says, and how that integrates with who we really are inside.  (An aside: the conjunction with my natal Saturn may help me here, now that I think of it – I seem to remember that one of Saturn’s greatest gifts – and challenges – is to harmonise the inner and the outer worlds.)

This is a good time to evaluate your life and decide what stuff (emotions, attitudes, beliefs) you want to carry forward, and what you want to discard.  As always, we get out what we put in.  This eclipse, according to Mystic Medusa, ‘You know you’re doing it right if you’re feeling LEONIC… determined to be all brave and beautiful as you push through SOME sort of dazzling change, new start or stance.’

The solar eclipse is just the first of this eclipse set.  The lunar eclipse this week will offer clues as to how the scenario will play out, says Julie Demboski.  She also warns that the space between the eclipses will likely be fraught with tension.  With the solar eclipse in Leo, and the lunar in Aquarius, the question is: will we run with our own needs, or those of the group?  The lunar eclipse in Aquarius will conjunct Neptune and, as Sparrow Moon points out, this will increase our sensitivity and worries.  It will also enhance intuition – listen calmly and, above all, don’t panic!

Linda Rose called the day of the eclipse ‘the first day of the rest of your life’.  Eclipses are not just one ‘big bang’ creating the ‘new you’ – although the event is strongly felt, the influences linger for some time after the actual event (as well as being building up beforehand).  We’ll be feeling the effects of these eclipses until the next set in January/Febuary 2009

So, what’s it been like for you so far?  Feel free to share…

La Leo

Presently the Sun is in Leo, where it will stay until moving into the sign of Virgo on Saturday 23 August.   

I’m quite pleased about this – I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for Leo.  Not that I have any particularly Leonine friends or acquaintances, mind you.  (Perhaps that helps?) 

Back in the (not-too-distant) day when all I knew about astrology was via Linda Goodman’s Love Signs, Milton Black’s little yearly sun-sign booklets and Athena Starwoman’s columns in Woman’s Day, the descriptions of Leo were the ones that leapt off the page for me.  That’s Leo: larger than life, golden, lit from within by its ruler the Sun.  A natural performer.  At home in the limelight. 

As a shy young Piscean, I was a little afraid of Leo who would, I thought, overpower me.  Fizzle me out (not that I had a lot of fizzle to start with).  The negatives attributed to Leo go something like this: self-centred.  Arrogant.  Selfish.  Overbearing.  To me this all sounded terrifying.

Now, though, I rather like the idea of basking in the fiery glow of Leo.  I’m ready to be charmed, and to charm in return.  To catch some of that lust for life.  Inject a little drama into the humdrum. 

Bring it on, luscious Leo.  Bring it on.