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Mars conjunct Saturn in Virgo

I’m working out a new approach to dreamscopes, departing from time-bound ‘predictive’ posts to something more, well, me.

But I couldn’t help but comment on the Mars-Saturn conjunction happening in Virgo now-to-Friday-morning-ish (sorry, can’t be more specific – still learning).

The effects have been in the air for awhile. It’s been a big week for ‘oh god I want to go home and crawl into bed’ emails from friends. We’re feeling the pull of two strong energies – ‘wet-blanket’ Saturn smothering fiery get-up-and-go Mars. That means there’s anger flying around – Mars is a warrior energy and when that can’t be channelled usefully, it gets frustrating.

With Saturn in the picture, the anger can result from feeling ‘not good enough’ or not measuring up, says Lauren from Inspiredastrology. We might feel we can’t stand on our own two feet. Take initiative. Be what we want to be.

That’s the downside. Even on the upside, though, it can feel a bit restrictive, as Mystic Medusa says.

But nothing lasts forever. Things will start moving again from Friday. And it’s all happening in Virgo, so there’s plenty of momentum for GTD, if that’s your thing. Even if not, there should a feeling of finally moving forward – and hopefully a lot more positivity.

In the meantime, hang in there darlings.

Update: How apt is this quotation, seen on Danae Sinclair’s blog this afternoon?


Mars in Virgo: New Year, New Leaf!

After spending time in dramatic Leo since early May, Mars travels through Virgo from this Wednesday 2 July until mid August.

We may notice a shift from Leonic grand guesture to a more analytical, practical frame of mind. ‘If Mars is how we assert our initiative and will, and if Virgo is the sign of purity and idealism,’ says Astrobarry, ‘then naturally we must put on our reading spectacles and look very closely at what we’re doing.’

Or, as Mystic Medusa puts it, this is the ultimate get your shit together fast transit. We may begin to assess the cogs of our daily lives and plan some finetuning. Even more shockingly – we may put those plans into action! Complete them! And then move onto the next target!

We’ll be helped along the way by more than just Virgo. Mars is conjunct Saturn for the next three weeks or so, making this is one of our best moments all year to tackle the work we’ve been either unconsciously shrinking from or consciously avoiding.
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