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Winding down

The moon is waning and we are winding down with it. Until late (late) Friday it’s waning in Leo; by the time we wake up on Saturday it will have moved into Virgo.

As usual, this is a good time to declutter and complete projects in time for the next lunar cycle. The Virgo influence makes the process easier and more effective (perhaps even oddly enjoyable). Don’t knock yourself out though – physical preparations are important but we also need to rest up and gather our thoughts.

Personally, it’s been a rough week. If you’re feeling knocked around too, take heart – the weekend is the perfect time to withdraw into your own space, lick your wounds, and prepare for a brand new tomorrow.

Monday’s new moon is in Libra (the sun having moved into Libra earlier this week). For those out there who are Libran suns, Monday is your power day. Enjoy.

Photo by James Jordan


New Moon in Cancer

Today both the Sun and New Moon are in Cancer (exact at around midday). Remember that the moon rules Cancer – so this placement feels something like coming home.

The New Moon is a time of growth and beginnings – I for one am looking forward to ‘moving ahead’ after a few weeks of waning energy. I only wish I’d taken the time to clean out my wardrobe during the dark moon! If you haven’t already, there is still time this morning unclutter a few cupboards, or free some mental clutter via journalling, or some such.

A couple more points about the New Moon in Cancer:

This is apparently a very fertile time – if you are trying to conceive, give it a go. Otherwise, use protection!

And I know I’ve said it before (I’m sounding like a nagging mother now, how appropriate!) – but seriously, look after yourself. You’ll feel a lot better for it.

The dark moon

Thinking about the phases of the moon, I realise that I’m a little confused about the distinction between the dark and new moon.

In their book Guided by the Moon, Paungger and Poppe explain that the moon takes around 28 days to orbit the sun, and that at all times only one of its faces is turned to the earth. When the moon lies directly between the sun and the earth, this face is in darkness.

Paungger and Poppe call this time – when the light of the sun does not illuminate the moon as we see it from the earth – the new moon. In olden times, they say, it was known as the dead moon, and a ‘short period prevails’ of special influence on people, plants and animals. ‘The earth begins to breathe in’. The detoxifying power of the body peaks, making it a good time to fast.

Just a few short hours after the new moon, say Paungger and Poppe, ‘a graceful sickle appears’ and we enter the phase known as the waxing moon.

It seems pretty straightforward so far. However, other commentators refer to the time when the moon is in shadow the dark moon, and the first sliver of visible moon the new moon. During the dark moon, it is said, it’s beneficial to rest and meditate. The dark moon is not considered a good time to make big changes or initiate negotiation.

I’m in two minds about the whole thing. In fact I’m not even sure if I’m overthinking it. Inventing a distinction that doesn’t even exist.

To clarify my own approach, though – when I speak of the dark moon I am referring to the time when the face of the moon is in shadow; and the new moon as the first sliver of the waxing moon.

All hail the new moon

I’ve been engaging in that oh-so-Geminian of pastimes – compulsive web-surfing – and it’s getting to me. I’m struggling to put a coherent thought together, much less a sentence.

Someone said that tomorrow’s new moon in Gemini heralds a new fresh phase (but do you think I can remember who? So many astrosites and astroblogs have been visited, I don’t know if I’m coming or going. Remind me to share my links with you sometime).

In the meantime however we are in the grip of the dark moon. Now, I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for the dark moon, but this one’s been a doozy. A creeping sense of doom and gloom abounds. As an sop, I plan to carb it up – the potato bake I made in the flush of the Taurus moon is reheating as I type, and the thought of it is the only thing holding my tattered shreds of self together right now.

Back onto Wednesday’s new moon though – as aforementioned, it’s in Gemini. Tomorrow at 05:25 EST the sun, moon and observer on earth almost form a single line, with the new moon against the same backdrop of stars (and hence in the same zodiac sign) as the sun. Sounds pretty cool, and apparently it happens every month – so that March’s new moon is always in Pisces, May’s in Taurus, etc etc.

The waxing moon is a time of expansion. According to Paungger & Poppe’s Guided by the Moon, anything that builds up and strengthens the body works twice as well for a period of two weeks from the start of the waxing moon.

Add to that the calming effect of exercise on Geminian mind-buzz, and the conclusion is: it’s really worth getting out there and going for a walk, or a jog, or playing touch footie with friends. If you don’t feel like it – inspire yourself with the thought that, right now, the benefits are supercharged.

Try it and prove me right!