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Goodbye Paul

After spending the weekend in my own little bubble, sans news from outside, I woke up this morning to find that Paul Newman is no longer in this world.

Now that I’ve started to write this post, I realise I have no words… thankfully I can refer you to Genevieve Salerno & Eric Francis’s post instead. After an examination of several key factors in his chart (including his Aquarian Sun, Pisces Moon and Capricorn ascendant), they conclude thusly:

“Of course, none of this explains a life as authentic and as meaningful as Newman’s. Many factors contributed to who he was, just as much as he contributed to the world. If you want to thank astrology, you have to first remember that he is someone who chose to live out his chart, and to take his quest for his own identity — and his reality — as if it were something worth bothering with. We can learn from that as much as we can learn from his philanthropy.”

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Piscean moon

The moon is in Pisces until lunchtime Thursday EST. This adds extra H2O to an already watery sun-in-Cancer landscape.

To tell the truth, I’m finding it difficult to theorise on this Pisces moon. I spent most of my life thinking of myself as ‘a Piscean’ – and wondering, for example, why I wasn’t as endlessly compassionate or considerate as I was supposed to be! Having my birthchart done was a revelation. I’m now so busy revelling in my Aquarius moon and Gemini ascendant that I have retreated, somewhat, from my Pisces sun.

After all, Pisces can be difficult. ‘Life under the sea is very different from life on land,’ says Liz Greene. ‘The fishes live in a world where there are many secret and hidden things, mysteries and strange beauties.’ The heightened sensitivity and intuition commonly associated with this sign can be draining. The shadow side of Pisces is escapism – daydreaming, tv-watching, drink and drugs – and even, I saw somewhere recently, reading too much (note to self!).

So what can we expect from this Pisces moon? The wateriness is offset by some good old-fashioned Sun-Saturn contact (Sun in Cancer sextile Saturn in Virgo) today – enabling us to ‘bring efficiency, organization and productivity into our daily activities’ (Saturn) without sacrificing caring interaction with the people around us. Let me know how that works out for you!