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Why I Love Capricorn

Today is my love’s birthday, which got me thinking about the sign of Capricorn in general, and all the reasons I adore them in particular. With the recent and Very Significant move of Pluto into Capricorn, it is doubly timely to ponder the uniqueness of this, the last of the Earth signs.

First, a disclaimer: it is widely known that no-one is their Sun Sign alone. There are many other factors in the chart that need to be considered before you start applying labels. So I’m really talking here about Capricorn the sign in general, not just Capricorn Suns.

One thing Capricorn blokes are not known for is being the playboys of the zodiac. Endearingly in this modern age, they usually won’t push for sack action – they genuinely do want to Get To Know You first. When courting, they tend to do things touchingly Right. Lovers of rules and structure, they’ll woo you as they ‘should’ – with wine, candlelight and immaculate red roses (or whatever equivalent they’ve decided is the Thing To Do).  And although it can be hard to win the affection of Capricorn, if you are lucky enough to do so there is no more loyal or committed partner.

Tending towards the serious themselves, Capricorn often adores playfulness and fun in their other half. It’s as if you provide the spark and exuberance that they never learnt to manufacture for themselves. They are the rock below and you (depending on your chart) are the cool waters, clean breeze or fiery spark above.

Generally known as ambitious souls, I have also found them to be ardent supporters of anything that will advance the careers of their loved ones. This is perhaps because Capricorn’s ambition is intricately tied to their sense of self. A career is more than just something you do to pay the bills – it is a place to find fulfillment, to practice your dearly held ethics. So it is best, they figure, that you do something you truly believe in and are happy with.

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn, generally known as the Ol’ Bastard of the solar system. Although I sometimes think of Saturn as the devil incarnate (it can certainly feel like it when he’s activating something in your natal chart), in many ways he is more analogous to the god of the Old Testament – the one with the thunderbolts in his pockets and a willingness to hurl them at anyone who deviates from his impossibly high standards. You know – the god with the capital G. The one from whom we get the phrase ‘God-fearing’. Saturn is exacting, uncompromising and rigidly focused. Saturn is a lesson to be learnt.

Imagine being ruled by such a planet! Poor little Cappy, it makes your heart bleed (although that could be my Pisces Sun speaking). In fact, little Caps often have a rough start in life. If forced to take the weight of the world on their shoulders (and they often are), they Grow Up Too Soon. If as a consequence they veer towards their shadow side, they can end up all-too-closely resembling that nasty Old Testament god. It is because of this resemblance that you do on occasion see Capricorn get a bit of a bad rap.

Even vaguely enlightened Caps, however, are true gems of the zodiac. It is as if their Earthiness has been hardened and tempered so that they resemble an ancient and abiding mountain, or an enduring foundational rock. I admire them immensely in a general sense… and, more specifically, have the pleasure of loving one to distraction and being loved beyond any dream or expectation in return.

Happy, happy birthday Capricorn. May 2009 be all that you need and desire.


The energy shifts: Pluto and Jupiter go direct

This week both Pluto and Jupiter turn direct. For most of us, the change will be palpable.

When a planet retrogrades, from our viewpoint here on earth it appears to move backwards over the same orbit it has just travelled through. So, during the time of the retrograde we go back over the same emotional ground. It’s a like a second chance to ‘get it’. To hammer home whatever lesson we need to learn.

After turning retrograde in early May, Jupiter goes direct on Monday. “We could feel the alteration in a big way”, says Julie Demboski, “Through obvious differences in social attitudes toward material realities”. Hard on Jupiter’s heels, Pluto is direct on Tuesday, completing a retrograde cycle that began in early April. What lessons have you ‘been over’ in these past four or five months? Whatever it is, Mystic Medusa advises us not to drag out or prop up this scenario any longer. It’s time to take what we’ve learnt and move on.

In times of great change we need something to hang onto. Right now, Mercury, Venus, and Mars are in relationship-oriented Libra. As Julie Demboski says, “Relationships, clear communications, and a willingness to take needed action can be our anchors in those moments when foundations seem made of sand and threaten to shift beneath our feet”. While some associations are ending or lessening, some are strengthening and growing. These, I think, are the jewels shining through the struggle of the everyday.

Take heart, too, from the energies of the recent Sun/Saturn conjunction – the air is fairly crackling with all the energy needed to build and consolidate the future of our dreams.

Full moon in Sagittarius

We in the Southern hemisphere awoke Tuesday morning to a waxing-moon-in-Sagittarius world. This will culminate in a full moon early Thursday morning (0332 EST), intensified by a Venus-Pluto opposition. I’m not going to pretend that I ‘get’ the whole shebang, but apparently we’re feeling the effects already. Wednesday evening they will peak. By the time most of us are fully awake on Thursday morning, the moon moves into earthy Capricorn.

I’ve heard Pluto described in various inflammatory ways on various astro-sites. As I really don’t know, I’m going to tread the path of moderation. The general consenus is that Plutonian energy is not always comfortable – which makes sense when you consider its reputation for uncovering what’s hidden, bringing things to the surface. This time around, too, there’s a general sense of ‘rehashing’ stuff – going over ground again, and hopefully moving on.

As ever, we choose the path we take. A wise woman once said: go with the flow. Don’t try to manipulate the situation this way or that – just trust yourself and let what happens happen.

And they’re off!

The word on the street is that it’s going to be a big week, astrologically. To sum it all up (prior to more in-depth rambling later on):

The moon moved into Sagittarius early this morning (around 0200 EST). While this should be a more expansive time (following the inward, downward Scorpio moon), the upcoming Venus-Pluto opposition (see below) is already exerting its influence. Instead of getting caught up in Venus-Pluto power struggles, try to relax and see the bigger Sag moon picture.

Late this evening (2154 EST) the moon in Sag opposes Mercury, still retrograde in Gemini. Wednesday 1646 EST: Venus in Gemini opposes Pluto in Sag. There’s a full moon in Sag early Thursday morning, hopped up by a Pluto conjunction. Then Mercury goes direct in Gemini on Friday (1231 EST).

Further afield: there’s a Mars-Neptune opposition over the weekend. And the winter solstice as well.

And those are just the edited highlights.

More soon (including what it might all mean)…