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Full moon in Sagittarius

We in the Southern hemisphere awoke Tuesday morning to a waxing-moon-in-Sagittarius world. This will culminate in a full moon early Thursday morning (0332 EST), intensified by a Venus-Pluto opposition. I’m not going to pretend that I ‘get’ the whole shebang, but apparently we’re feeling the effects already. Wednesday evening they will peak. By the time most of us are fully awake on Thursday morning, the moon moves into earthy Capricorn.

I’ve heard Pluto described in various inflammatory ways on various astro-sites. As I really don’t know, I’m going to tread the path of moderation. The general consenus is that Plutonian energy is not always comfortable – which makes sense when you consider its reputation for uncovering what’s hidden, bringing things to the surface. This time around, too, there’s a general sense of ‘rehashing’ stuff – going over ground again, and hopefully moving on.

As ever, we choose the path we take. A wise woman once said: go with the flow. Don’t try to manipulate the situation this way or that – just trust yourself and let what happens happen.


And they’re off!

The word on the street is that it’s going to be a big week, astrologically. To sum it all up (prior to more in-depth rambling later on):

The moon moved into Sagittarius early this morning (around 0200 EST). While this should be a more expansive time (following the inward, downward Scorpio moon), the upcoming Venus-Pluto opposition (see below) is already exerting its influence. Instead of getting caught up in Venus-Pluto power struggles, try to relax and see the bigger Sag moon picture.

Late this evening (2154 EST) the moon in Sag opposes Mercury, still retrograde in Gemini. Wednesday 1646 EST: Venus in Gemini opposes Pluto in Sag. There’s a full moon in Sag early Thursday morning, hopped up by a Pluto conjunction. Then Mercury goes direct in Gemini on Friday (1231 EST).

Further afield: there’s a Mars-Neptune opposition over the weekend. And the winter solstice as well.

And those are just the edited highlights.

More soon (including what it might all mean)…