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Frustrated, much?

To distract myself from pointless seething about how over my job I am right now, I decided to read the weekly ‘scope for my sun sign written by the ever-insightful Astrobarry. And felt immediately vindicated:

“…I’m definitely beginning to sense a ‘fed-up-ness’ emanating from you, Pisces,” he says, “As if you’re wondering when you might catch a break from the tangled web into which you’ve found yourself woven.”

Elsewhere Astrobarry discusses the Saturn-Uranus opposition, which is now apparently within a 5-degree orb and hence officially in force.

An opposition is exactly what is sounds like – on the current astrological chart, Saturn and Uranus are opposite each other. The effects of an opposition are, too, as you would expect – the two energies are literally opposing, or pulling against each other.

To me, Saturn is ‘the rules’ planet – work hard to reap rewards, put in necessary effort, look at the big picture, grow and progress according to lessons learnt. Uranus, however, is more of a maverick energy – calling on us to ring in big changes, bring on the new world, shuck off ritualistic behaviours, defy cultural norms.

With these two energies opposed, is it surprising, then, that I am ever-more-aware of the huge discrepancy between the-world-and-my-life-as-I-want-it and the-motions-through-which-I-am-forced-to-go-through? I guess not.

Of course the impact of this may be heightened or lessened depending on where these energies are ‘hitting’ areas in my own natal chart. Investigating this could well be my next project…

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Uranus retrograde in Pisces

Mid-morning Friday EST, Uranus turns retrograde in Pisces. Penny Unn calls this the start of ‘a five-month period during which the search for innovation shifts from outer to inner realms’.

As an outer planet, Uranus is retrograde for much of the year. For most of us the mere fact of its retrograde is not especially significant. What is of interest is the time when Uranus stations, or pauses before beginning its backward motion – this, and the couple of days around it, is when things can get a little weird.

So over the next few days ‘back up data, monitor your impulses & watch for “signs”‘ says Mystic Medusa. ‘There are always loads of subtle but potent omens & fascinating communiques around when Uranus stations.’

Should be interesting!

Uranus: the planet of individuality

The discovery of Uranus in 1781 rocked both the astronomical and astrological community. ‘For thousands of years,’ Steven Forrest says, ‘Astrology had been a closed system. There were seven planets, counting the sun and the moon. Seven had been taken as a magic number. Rainbows had seven hues. Octaves had seven notes. Weeks had seven days. Seven kept appearing in mystical traditions: the seven chakras or energy centres of the physical body, the seven churches of the Book of Revelations. There was something right and comforting about having seven planets in the sky. For millennia that simple observation had served as quick “proof” of astrology’s validity.’

The instant the eighth planet, Uranus, was discovered, the ‘neat, tight system crumbled.’ Astrologers were at a loss. The system of seven planets had so eloquently represented the circle of life, from the Sun (vitality) through to Saturn (death and finality). How did this new planet fit in? And what did it mean?
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