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Moon void of course in Capricorn

The moon is void of course the whole day today, before moving into Aquarius just after 5 this evening.

Which means I shouldn’t even be writing this! It’s best to not to do anything you want to ‘take’ during the VOC moon – signing contracts, big purchases… posting to the web… It is a good time to space out. You may find yourself puttering away aimlessly rather than GTD. It’s hard to focus. During my 9-5 drone life, I have a staff meeting today (groan), and a copyright training session. All very dry and responsible-like. It could be tough going.

Have you been doubting yourself lately? The VOC moon might be just the space-out you need, prior to the airy, detached Aquarian moon this evening (which – after the week we’ve had – I, for one, am pinning more than one hope on. More on that later).


The Winter Solstice and such

Mercury stationed direct at 12:31 this morning. So – Mercury retrograde is officially over. Before you breathe a sigh of relief – ‘You do know that a planet’s retrograde cycle is most powerful as it stations direct or retro, do you not?’ says Mystic Medusa. Well, no – but now I do! Relief is in sight though – and today we have the practical Cap moon to help us along.

Onto the big astrological happenings over the weekend: basically, there are too many for my little brain to process! The (extremely) edited highlights: the Sun leaves chatty Gemini for motherly Cancer on Saturday morning. However, the moon is void-of-course all day Saturday, moving into Aquarius at around 7:30pm. So – think twice before making that big purchase, signing any important documents, or generally making decisions that you want to ‘take’.

Also on Saturday – and I am v. excited about this! – the Winter Solstice! AKA Yule, AKA the Shortest Night of the Year – from here on in, the days are lengthening, the darkness is receding, and the promise of spring (new beginnings) is in the air. Also – not waking up/coming home in darkness! Not now, sure, but soon! Bring it on!

Void of course moon today

The void of course moon in Virgo (opposite Uranus in Pisces) drags on from 05:25 to 17:56 EST today (Wednesday).

I can’t pretend to have much of a handle on, or my own interpretation of, the Virgo-opposite-Uranus-in-Pisces aspect of this moon. So, paring down to the most basic terms: leave big decisions until after VOC moons if possible. Sometimes we don’t have much control over this, for example if we are at work. But keep it in mind.

The VOC moon is a good time to rest, meditate and gather your energy. Again, for us 9-5 drones – possibly not much of an option during the working day. But at the very least, try to rest and relax this evening!

So, what’s a void of course moon anyway?

The time between the last major aspect of the moon in a sign, and when the moon enters the next sign, is knows as the VOC moon. Moons can be VOC for a few minutes, or several hours.

The VOC moon is traditionally described as a time to avoid beginning new projects, signing contracts (including marriage/divorce contracts) and making major purchases. It is considered unfavourable to take any action requiring a specific or desired outcome during the VOC moon. Instead your time will be best spent relaxing and regrouping.