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The waxing moon

After the dark moon, the moon begins to wax, or grow. This is known as the waxing moon.

In the southern hemisphere, the sliver of the moon grows gradually bigger from left to right. In the northern hemisphere, this is reversed, and the sliver enlarges from right to left. (Interestingly, the moon will also occasionally wax from bottom to top!)

Don’t worry too much about that right now though – the important thing to remember is that, following the dark moon, the waxing moon grows gradually larger, before eventually becoming the full moon.

During the waxing moon, you will be supported in activities related to growth and the new. If you want your herbs or shrubbery to power ahead, this is the time to tip-prune (do not, as I once did, accidentally tip-prune for growth during the waning moon – during the waning moon, pruning will inhibit growth). Similarly, if you are growing your hair out, a trim while the moon is waxing will greatly encourage length. The waxing moon is also a great time to start new projects, and create new things.