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The Winter Solstice and such

Mercury stationed direct at 12:31 this morning. So – Mercury retrograde is officially over. Before you breathe a sigh of relief – ‘You do know that a planet’s retrograde cycle is most powerful as it stations direct or retro, do you not?’ says Mystic Medusa. Well, no – but now I do! Relief is in sight though – and today we have the practical Cap moon to help us along.

Onto the big astrological happenings over the weekend: basically, there are too many for my little brain to process! The (extremely) edited highlights: the Sun leaves chatty Gemini for motherly Cancer on Saturday morning. However, the moon is void-of-course all day Saturday, moving into Aquarius at around 7:30pm. So – think twice before making that big purchase, signing any important documents, or generally making decisions that you want to ‘take’.

Also on Saturday – and I am v. excited about this! – the Winter Solstice! AKA Yule, AKA the Shortest Night of the Year – from here on in, the days are lengthening, the darkness is receding, and the promise of spring (new beginnings) is in the air. Also – not waking up/coming home in darkness! Not now, sure, but soon! Bring it on!